Weight Loss tip 6: Reduce Cereals for a Healthy Weight Loss Boost

Healthy weight loss

Many cereals are touted as not only nutritious, healthy weight loss tools but also tasty and good for your heart. Many studies and certified nutritionists disagree..

Healthy Weight Loss Foods or Not So Healthy?

If you want healthy weight loss and gain the upper hand, reduce or eliminate breakfast cereals and most other grains.

Not so healthy Corn flakesThe problems with breakfast cereals and processed foods are as follows:

  • Manufacturing destroys the fatty acids and vitamins in grains. It also causes the omega fatty acids to go rancid. Here’ an excellent article by WHFoods: What factors can cause an oil to become rancid?
  • Genetically modified organisms(GMO) grains. The majority of both wheat and corn grown in the United States are GMO. Many health problems have been linked to GMO crops.
  • Phytic acid is highly prevalent in improperly prepared grains. Fermented grains are best followed by soaking and sprouting grains before eating.
  • Many cereal products are high in processed grains. The flour is stripped of all bran and nutrients and then refortified with chemical vitamins and minerals. Chemical vitamin and minerals are not easily absorbed by the body, thus leading to possible nutritional deficiencies.


For Healthy Weight Loss, Reduce Cereals and Most Grains

Not only are cereals unhealthy, they are also can lead to weight gain. Cereals are laden with food coloring, sugars, and preservatives. All of which have shown to lead to cancer, obesity and other chronic illnesses and health problems.

Grains, including corn are high on the glycemic index. Their high starch content are quickly turned to sugar in the body. Which in turn is conducive to insulin resistance. (Can we say Diabesity).

Instead of  grains replace them with seeds and nuts.

Here is an EXCELLENT article that completely covers what grains and certain foods do to your body by Certified Nutritionist Mike Geary


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