Weight Loss Quick Tip #4: Watching Television 1 hour less per day

One hour less TV a day

Studies show that people watching television and/or screen time by one hour per day may drop an extra 1-2 pounds per week. That’s even if they don’t use that hour at the gym!

Effects of Watching Television

Watching TV contributes to mindless snacking, lethargy and a sluggish metabolism, and and endless cycle of fatigue and weight gain.

The reason for this is two-fold, boredom and/or low level brain waves.

Boredom is easy to overcome but come back to it.

A quick over view of brain waves:

  • Beta brain waves are higher brain waves that are active when we are  thinking, reading, concentrating or being active.
  • Alpha brain waves are associated with  being relaxed, detached awareness and daydreaming.
  • Theta brain waves are associated with deep states of meditation, higher consciousness, and peak spiritual experiences.
  • Delta brain waves occur during deep sleep in adults.

woman watching TVStudies have shown that while watching TV our brains switch from high level beta waves to low level alpha and delta waves, virtually turn off.

Switching to low these low level waves virtually mimics the beginning stages of sleep.

One of the negatives of this state is that we are wasting time doing nothing. While this is important to many, there is a much more sinister fact.

In this low level state we are in a highly suggestive “hypnotic state”. In this state we are highly susceptible to suggestions. Of course I’m sure advertisers don’t know this and don’t use this to their advantage. (yes, that was poor sarcasm)

Steps for Watching Television one Hour Less Per Day

So for one week, keep track of how many hours you sit in front of the TV or a computer screen (the number may actually surprise you), and the next week, cut out one hour per day.

Find something else to fill that time. Perhaps a walk, cleaning the house, impromptu workout or a simple walk across the room.

Dr. William H. Dietz, prominent authority on pediatrics, obesity and nutrition stated: “The easiest way to reduce inactivity is to turn off the TV set. Almost anything else uses more energy than watching TV.”

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