Weight Loss Quick Tip #3: Drink at least one 8oz glass

Weight Loss #3

Water jump-starts your metabolism, hydrates your body, helps your body flush toxins, wakes up your brain, and will curb some morning hunger so you eat less – or at least less junk – for breakfast.

As you sleep, your body and brain are still working to repair and build up muscles from the previous day’s activities, as well as process and file information taken in. Doing this makes you become more dehydrated, so when you wake up you might feel sluggish and ravenous.

Many personal trainers and dietitians recommend refueling by drinking at least 1 8oz glass of water immediately after you wake up. This means BEFORE you eat, drink, or even go to the bathroom.

Whats more, adding 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon or lime as tremendous health and weight loss benefits.

My friend Mike has already summed up all the health benefits much better than I ever could here!

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