Weight Loss Tip 8: Sugar Addiction Knock Out

knock ou your sugar addiction

Is it sugar addiction or just a “sweet tooth”? For many there is no difference and it can be as serious as any drug or alcohol addiction. Here’s help to knock out your sugar addition and sugar cravings.

The Sugar Addiction Epidemic    

It has been estimated that Americans consume 156 pounds of sugar per year.1 According to The Sugar Association, only an estimated 29 pounds comes from your sugar bowl. The remaining majority comes added to the foods and drinks you consume:

  • Sodas 33%
  • Prepared foods (Peanut butter, catsup, canned fruit and vegetables) 26%
  • Sweetened fruit drinks 10%
  • Cake and candy 5% each
  • Cereal 4%
  • Low fat foods are also high in sugar.

As you can see the top two categories are an excellent starting point.

Spices for Sugar Cravings and Addiction

To make your changes easier and calmer, you can add these spices:

Cayenne is not sweet but is so intense it satisfies

  • Proven to curb appetite
  • Curbs sweet tooth.
  • Cleanses the blood and digestive tract.
  • Anti-inflammatory

Cinnamon – Use in food and drinks.

  • Helps calm a sugar cravings quickly.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels to help quench sugar addiction.
  • Lowers glycemic index of foods.

Cloves – Use any where you want a touch of sweetness.

  • natural sweet smell that helps curb your sweet tooth.
  • Anti-parasitic
  • High in antioxidants

Fenugreek has a sweet, maple taste. Use any place that you use cinnamon.

  • Calms a sweet tooth.
  • Linked to lower blood sugar level.

Ginger is strong and spicy with sweet undertones. Goes well with cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg.

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Aids digestion.
  • Lowers your blood sugar
  • Antibacterial
  • Enhances your mental focus.

Mint – Use in drinks and food.

  • Stops sugar cravings
  • Proven to lower sugar needs
  • Quickly satisfies appetite hunger.
  • Relieves headaches, stress, anxiety, constipation, digestive distress.

Nutmeg has a sweet, peppery taste. Use same ways as cinnamon.

  • natural serotonin booster.
  • Aids your digestive system
  • Fights bad bacteria.

These are the most popular spices. For best results use the freshest spices possible as spices lose much of their flavors and properties quickly.

Here’s even more to help you reclaim your body and your health.

Sugar addiction also has it’s psychological effects- psychologytoday.com/blog/eating-mindfully/201204/sugar-addiction


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