Tip #15: Start Meditating

meditation for weight lossIt is a well-known fact that stress can cause weight gain. Whether it’s due to nervous eating or to the increased cortisol levels produced by stress (or both), prolonged stress (even low-level) can be detrimental to any weight loss plan. But in today’s world, how does one avoid stress and its waistline-destroying side effects? Meditation for weight loss may be unheard of for most, but it may be exactly the answer we need.

Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to completely avoid or shed the stress of the modern day. Even shucking the “normal” world and moving to a secluded cabin in the woods produces its own unique things to worry about. Instead, the word management is more key in avoiding the nasty side effects of stress.

Introducing Meditation for Weight Loss

Luckily, meditation has been proven to dramatically reduce stress and the various levels of hormones it produces in the body. Just ten minutes a day can be enough to put your mind and body back into a state of relaxation and awareness.

When people hear the word “meditation”, they may think of empty rooms of burning incense, sitting cross-legged on the floor and chanting “ommmmmmm.” But this is absolutely not necessary to practice meditation and reap the benefits.

Instead, just sitting in a quiet place – such as your car or living room – with your eyes closed and focused breathing can be exactly what you need. Set a timer for ten minutes, sit and concentrate only on breathing deeply in and fully out. You may be amazed at the benefits that you begin to see after just one week.

Chronic stress can lead you to crave feel-good carbs and even binge or snack carelessly on them without even realizing it. Using mediation for weight loss is a smart and easy way to combat this, and you may just feel better, too!

If mediating doesn’t sound like you, perhaps Yoga is more up your line.

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