Tip #14: Snack on Nuts for Weight Loss

 Nuts for Fat Loss

While nuts are known as a great source of protein and other nutrients, they also can be a delicious part of a weight loss program by helping keep you feeling full. Simply snack on nuts for weight loss by eating a handful of nuts just prior to a meal.

You will be getting the added nutritional value as well as a dose of beneficial fiber that can help you eat smaller portions.

Nuts For Weight Loss: How it Works

Nuts do have calories from beneficial fats, so eating a lot of them could actually cause weight gain. However, the calories from a small number of nuts are safe because the intestinal tract will not absorb about five to 15 percent of the calories.

In addition, many of those calories are slowly released and are high in fiber. That will leave you feel full longer, often for several hours.

Eating nuts as snacks between meals can be very effective in lowering your snacking of empty calories such as potato chips or cheese puffs. It is recommended that, no matter the nut, you not consume more than an ounce at a sitting.

Some of the best nuts for weight loss include:

Brazil Nuts

Brazil Nuts are not often spoken of in the weight loss world, but they are such a great powerhouse! They are the richest known source of natural selenium, which is a mineral that plays a key role in immunity, reproductive health, and metabolism.


Walnuts are high in polyunsaturated fats, which activate the genes that reduce fat storage and actually improve insulin processing in your body.


Pop a handful of these in before hitting the gym, because almonds are rich in amino acids and actually help you burn up to 62% more carbs and fat during your workout!


The UCLA recently published the findings of a study which pitted a group that ate 220 calorie snacks each day, and a group that ate 240 calories of pistachios each day. The study found that the pistachio group dropped their BMI by a whole extra point – making these nuts like a natural diet pill

Note: When looking to add nuts to your diet, be sure to avoid roasted, salted, or sweetened! You want whole, raw nuts to get the best benefits!

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