Tip #12: Don’t Skip Meals!

Don't skip meals

Losing weight means consuming less calories, right? So why not skip meals to cut a few hundred calories? The difference lies in the way your body reacts.

Skip Meals to Gain Weight

While it is possible to lose weight in the short term by skipping a meal or two, there is more and more research to suggest that you will actually gain the weight back – but as dangerous belly fat. Other studies even show that the weight you lose from skipping meals is from muscled rather than fat, which is exactly the opposite of what you want.

Avoid Feast or Famine Mode

We all have had that day where we slept through breakfast, or had to work through lunch from time to time. However, skipping meals on a regular basis, even for as little as one week, can have dire effects on they way our body stores energy (fat) when we do eat. The body becomes reactive to conditions, and when calories are consumed, rather than going to the various bodily systems to keep us functioning at optimum capacity and keep our energy up, the body will skimp on those and store the energy for the dreaded “famine.”

This cycle wreaks havoc on your metabolism. Having 5-6 small snacks/meals per day provides your body with a reliable, constant source of nutrients and energy to keep everything running smoothly and keep your energy up, and training your body that there is no coming famine to stock up for means you will feel better, have more energy, and shed pounds.

Keep Your Energy Up

While we are on energy, healthy  and sustainable weight loss is about the balance of lowering your calorie intake and increasing calories burned through physical activity. Studies show that those who skip meals are less likely to have the energy for regular workouts, and therefore are less likely to do them. This sabotages your efforts on both fronts!

If you absolutely must skip a meal, try making up for it with a healthy protein shake or smoothie. Keep your energy up and your metabolism going and you will see results faster!

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