Reward Achieving Fitness Goals

Reward your fitness goalsQuick Tips

As in any goal, it is important to celebrate and reward your fitness goals achievements. Whether your goal is losing 5 pounds in two weeks or exercising 20 minutes a day, make it doable.

The National Institutes of Health suggests using frequent rewards system for more successful weight loss.

Scales should be out of the closet no more than once a week. It is much more important in the beginning to focus on creating new habits. For most these new habits are easier to create than results.

Keep fitness goals simple

Some small healthy weekly goals can create big changes. Here is just a few habits that can lead tremendous results. For one week:

  1. Exercise or walk 10 – 20 minutes a day.
  2. Cut your sweets and desserts in half.
  3. Replace your morning latte with green tea a few times a week.
  4. Stand up and preferably move around every 10 to 30 minutes.
  5. Eat one less serving of fries, chips or other junk foods.
  6. Replace some of your soda drinks with homemade infused water recipes. It will save you some money and help you lose weight.

These are simple changes, start from where you are. Small changes can make a big difference, give you confidence and motivate you.

Reward Yourself

Don’t only stick to the scale. Meeting your exercise goals and eating more healthy foods also deserve rewards. Use caution using food as rewards. Food as rewards can undo your weight loss efforts.. Here are a few alternative ways to celebrate!

  1. Buy yourself new self-help books and magazines that offer healthy recipes and workout ideas can provide a new outlook.
  2. Take time with yourself. Set aside quality time to spend with, friend or alone time.
  3. Get a new skill. As knowledge and skills increase so does self-esteem.
  4. Find music that is you. Get some new songs that will invigorate your workouts
  5. Focus on the small things that keep you going. New journal for reflection, a new nail polish color, or a new smart phone app.
  6. Then of course there’s clothes.



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