Lose Weight With Self Hypnosis

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Throughout history, people have tested almost every way possible to lose weight. You might feel like you’ve tried everything yourself – but have you ever tried to lose weight with self hypnosis?

It works for many folks, but not for everyone. Nevertheless the success rate is high enough to make self hypnosis a viable weight loss strategy.

Sound Appealing? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons.

Self hypnosis Pros

Pro: Doesn’t require special supplies.

You don’t even require a hypnotist, since you’re doing the hypnosis. Unlike some weight loss programs, self hypnosis requires nothing but you and your belief. However, if you’re initially starting out, you may want to visit a hypnotherapist to become familiar with the process.

If you’re not accustomed to diet and exercise, it’s worth the time and money to consult a doctor and a nutritionist to design a healthy eating and exercise plan. Combined with the self hypnosis, these measures will have you reducing down before you know it.

Pro: Is an accomplished self-help mechanism.

Hypnosis has been used to accomplish everything from recovering lost memories to stopping smoking. Fans swear by it, but many folks are still skeptical of its merits.  For one reason or another, self-hypnosis has helped thousands of people lose weight.

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The exact process is not understood, but if you talk to someone who has employed self hypnosis to lose weight, they will likely tell you that it worked for them when nothing else did.

Self hypnosis Cons

Con:  Has no reliable scientific proof.

Studies have consistently failed to find a definitive bond between hypnosis and weight loss. It’s believed that some people experience a placebo effect similar to that seen during medical trials.

Even though the hypnosis has no real benefit, the theory is that people who believe it will bring results will get results.

The important thing is that many people attribute their weight loss to self hypnosis. They attempted other methods unsuccessfully, but finally managed to use self hypnosis to lose weight. For these individuals, the gains of self hypnosis are very real.

The principle of belief is a key factor of the Law of Attraction, also known as the Secret. Followers of this process maintain that if you believe something is real, it will ultimately become real.

For example, if you believe you will become wealthy and make smart investments, you will become wealthy. If you believe you will lose weight and you make wise food selections, you will lose weight.

Con: Doesn’t work for everyone.

For whatever reason, some people merely can’t be hypnotized. If you’re having a lot of difficulty entering an altered state of mind, try simply relaxing and doing some visualizing exercises.

Yoga can aid with visualization. Once you learn to control your breathing, clear your mind, and focus on a end result, self hypnosis may not be far behind!

If you’re serious about using self hypnosis, search online for a detailed tutorial to help you get started. Or check your local library or book store for a self hypnosis guide that will take you step by step through the process.

If you’ve tried other weight loss methods without success, you might want to try self hypnosis to lose weight. It’s harmless, and you never know – you very well could accomplish your goal!