Can’t Lose Weight

Waist MeasurementDo you ever find yourself telling others “I can’t lose weight?”

Many people walk away from their weight loss endeavors believing that they can’t lose weight. It  just seems impossible for them to lose weight with any diet program.

Many have been programmed  to believe it’s due to  genetics, they eat too much and do not get enough exercise. W“hile this can be true, most everyone can lose weight, tone up and become healthier.

You’ve tried the latest fad diets, counting calories, low fat diets, low carb diets, juice diets, starvation diets, high protein diets…ect.  Not only did you not lose weight, you’ve became more frustrated and confused.

Diets ARE the issue, but not the only issue. It’s not that diets don’t work, it is the fact that no one diet works for everyone. In fact a diet that works fantastically well for one person can actually cause you put on more weight, make you sick, cause illness or disease.

Do You Need To Lose Weight?

The very first step in weight/fat loss is to determine if you really are fat, overweight or obese. I’m sure everyone at this point is saying; I think I know if I am fat or not. So, let me clarify some points here.

There is a tremendous difference between being a fat skinny person, overweight or just out of shape. On the other hand it is not so tough to determine if you are obese (Generally). This is a subject that is huge and rightfully needs its own article.

BMI calculators are a good tool for benchmarks but should not be used as standalone tool for making decisions on weight loss.

The skinfold measurement using body fat calipers is probably the most widely used technique used by personal trainers. It is quite accurate, personal to each person and inexpensive, starting as low as $5 @ Amazon. One such example is the Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper

Body Fat Percent Norms for Men and Women

The next technique employs nothing more than a tape measure. Measure your waist size around the smallest area your abdomen. This is between the area below the rib cage and above the belly button.

  Womens waist Measurements

Mens Waist Measurements

Steps For Those That Can’t Lose Weight

The foundation of a good, healthy diet is well documented  in science and medicine. But far too often these facts are hidden in the countless myths and lies commonly circulating the diet and food industry.

Although not totally complete, here is a list of fundamental factors for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Start a food journal, at least initially.
  • Calorie counting ; although I am not an advocate, calorie counting can be useful in establishing proper food portions.
  • Highly consider a detox.
  • Eat a nutrient dense diet.
  • Eat a well balanced diet.
  • Eat REAL FOOD (NO, not the name brand).
  • Buy organic, local vegetables and fruit (eliminate or at least minimize those on the dirty dozen list).
  • Eat non – CAFO meats.
  • Keep barbecuing, broiling and frying to a minimum (Ya, I know, I like some also)
  • Eat a diet that is right for you.
  • Eat half your veggies raw.
  • Move and Exercise. No, you don’t need to spend hours exercising.
  • Consider High Intensity Interval Training.

Hidden Weight Loss Saboteurs

Here are many of things that if you can’t lose weight, often times continues to be allusive and contributes to weight gain, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and many other illnesses and diseases.

  • Food Allergies.
  • BPA and other packaging chemicals.
  • Insecticides, pesticides and fungicides.
  • Pharmaceutical and over the counter drugs.
  • Inflammation.
  • Illness and diseases (hand – in – hand with inflammation).
  • Thyroid imbalance and hormone imbalances. Even those that have had their thyroid checked with flying colors. Here is a fantastic book on Thyroid problems.

If you can’t lose weight no matter what you’ve tried, work on employing as many these tools as possible. Also if you haven’t visited Weight Loss – Start Here, it could be a very good start.

Not only can these changes lead to weight/fat loss, they are actually powerful lifestyle changes for overall health.

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